If there is a technical defect, a light that is not working, a smoke detector that beeps or you do not know how the dishwasher works, you can then submit your service request using the form below. Our service manager will do everything possible to quickly solve your problem.

Name (Mandatory)

E-mail (Mandatory)

Appartment number(Mandatory)

Clear description of the defect or your question

Your Message

I grant the service manager permission to enter my apartment to remedy the defect if I am not home.

The service manager will inform me by means of a ticket what has been done to correct the defect.

I would rather make an appointment with the service manager to correct the defect at an appropriate time.

The service manager will contact you within 24 hours to make an appointment


In case of calamities you can reach us 24/7 at the following telephone number: 0626-128980

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